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1) To get started, click on the link below (New Best Resume Builder Client)- if you are a returning client with an existing 'activated' account or in a class using Best Resume Builder, please scroll down to Returning User or Workshop/Class Participant.

2) Purchase Best Resume Builder by filling in your information on our secure PayPal site. 

3) Create a New Account using a valid e-mail address as your username.

4) After you setup the account, please login to the email address you registered and open the email from "Best Resume Builder" - Click on the link within the e-mail (this activates the account). Note the serial code within the e-mail, you will need this for your first login.

5) You can select 'Login' in the upper right corner of the page that comes up - use the username and password you created on the first page.

6) You will be prompted to enter your serial code which you can find in your activation email.

7) Now you can start creating your professional resume! Enter and exit the program as many times as you want before generating your resume.

NOTE: If you have a DISCOUNT CODE for an additional discount, please be sure to note the code in the PayPal shopping cart, in the 'Coupon Code' field before you checkout!  If your school or organization is interested in qualifying for a special code or promotions available through Successful Impressions, please contact us at

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If you are a returning client, or using Best Resume Builder as part of a class or course, please click on the link below (Returning User or Workshop/Class Participant) and then enter your workshop/class code (serial code field) after you setup a username and password you can start creating your professional resume! 

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