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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Best Resume Builder and other 'template-based' resume programs?

Best Resume Builder doesn't use templates!  Each person's resume should reflect their own information with details that are relevant to the career or job opportunity the person is pursuing.  Resume templates don't ask questions that will get you thinking about what value you can provide to a prospective employer.  Best Resume Builder has detailed questions which are specific and relevant to recruiting managers so that you learn how to and create a dynamic, accurate representation of your skills and background.

How much does Best Resume Builder cost?

$34.95   for Best Resume Builder program

$94.95   for Best Resume Builder program (undergraduate) professional

            Resume Writer

$154.95 for Best Resume Builder program (working professional) with

            professional Resume Writer


How long does Best Resume Builder take?

It can take as long or as quickly as you like.  As soon as you fill in all the necessary information you will instantly be emailed your Best Resume.  If you need time to input the information, you can use your username and password to re-visit your resume as many times as you like until it is completed.  If you choose to use the Resume Writer option, you will receive an email from them within 48 hours of entering all of your information into the program.  The Resume Writer then communicates with you via email with follow up questions to create your dynamic resume.


My student organization would like to participate in the discount program for our members - how can we register for this option?

We are always looking to partner with Student Organizations.  Please have a member of your group's Executive Council or Board email us at with a request to participate in this program.  We will contact you directly regarding details for the program and give your group a specific code to enter.


What are my options for payment for Best Resume Builder?

Through our secure shopping cart you can use a personal credit card or PayPal, which accepts debit, credit, and checking or savings accounts.


What is the difference between using the Best Resume Builder Service and using the Service with a Resume Writer?

With the Resume Writer, they will help you take the input from the questions you answered in to the resume service program and communicate via email to fully complete your resume.


Why do I have to create a username and password?

By creating a username, you can revisit the resume service questions as often as you want until all of the sections of your resume are complete.  Once you 'submit' your resume information, you can access the completed resume, but you will not be able to make further changes within our system.  Your resume will be sent via email to you in a Word document, so you can modify and update it consistently during your career.







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